Choose from about 100 different kinds of forklift trucks, including IC and electric trucks, reach and turret trucks as well as various warehouse equipment - for transport, storage and order picking.
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Sennebogen-355 E-Diesel Forklift
355 E
Type: Diesel Forklift
Capacity: 5500 kg
Lift height: 8500 mm
YOM: 2021
Vehicle ID: FZ54463
Linde-E 20 PH EVO 386-02-Electric 4-wheel forklift
E 20 PH EVO 386-02
Type: Electric 4-wheel forklift
Capacity: 2000 kg
Lift height: 5670 mm
YOM: 2017
Vehicle ID: FZ56892
Linde-E 18 EVO 386-02-Electric 3-wheel forklift
E 18 EVO 386-02
Type: Electric 3-wheel forklift
Capacity: 1800 kg
Lift height: 3550 mm
YOM: 2015
Vehicle ID: FZ56898
Linde-H 14 T EVO 391-00-LPG Forklifts
H 14 T EVO 391-00
Type: LPG Forklifts
Capacity: 1400 kg
Lift height: 5475 mm
YOM: 2015
Vehicle ID: FZ55719